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Dr. Era Ayurveda Gokshura Men’s Wellness Tablets | Improves Testosterone & Vigour, Performance Enhancement (50 tablets – Pack of 1, 600mg)

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Item Form Capsule
Brand Dr. Era Ayurveda
Age Range (Description) Adult
Diet Type Vegetarian
Material Feature Natural

About this item

  • INGREDIENT: Gokshura, derived from Tribulus Terrestris Linn, is recognized in Ayurveda for its potential benefits.
  • HELPS IN IMPROVING STRENGTH: Gokshura is considered by some to be beneficial to improve stamina.
  • Removes excess body water: When the body holds water your muscles get covered by water that gives you a swollen appearance. Gokshura promotes urine flow thus removing excess water from the body.
  • HELPS IN MUSCLE GROWTH: According to some beliefs, Gokshura may contribute to muscle growth while minimizing the deposition of unwanted body fat.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Take one capsule with water twice daily after meals, making it an easy and seamless addition to your daily routine.
  • AYUSH CERTIFIED: Our Gokshura capsules have obtained AYUSH certification, showcasing our dedication to provide better products.
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